5 thoughts on “Sara’s BBQ”

  1. It was a blessed day! What joy to see how our awesome God provides for those He loves. It was a privilege and honor to be involved. We love you guys so much!

  2. Thank You All Who Gave. Thank You All Who Helped.Thank You All Who

    Came,even from soooo far away.I and We my Husband and two kids

    wouldn’t know what to do with out all of you. Some are our dear friends

    and some we met that day.Thank You all, Truly!!! To GOD be the glory!

    Please,Please, pray. We will keep you posted. We had soooo much fun at

    old home week. We love you all.


  3. What a blessing to be included in the chance to help in the quest for funds for such a good cause. We had a fabulous meal, got to see the kids having a good time and saw and felt the love and compassion of all who were present. Our prayers are ongoing for Sara and family and know the greatest physician and healer is and will be in charge, whenever the surgery takes place.

  4. Hi my extended family, It was truly a blessing to be able to come together on behalf of those we know and love. It was so wonderful to see everyone and kind of catch up. Its been to long. When Cheryl called me about doing a BBQ for Sara I thought how wonderful to be able to do something so fun, to help someone that we all love and care about. You see this was not just for Sara but for all the people that are touched by her life. God knows just how to bring His chrildren together. What a reunion we had that day. Thank you for letting us come and be a part of something so wonderful. We still love you all. Even if we don’t see you very often. We (the Franklin family) all love you. Still.
    God bless and keep you in His loving embrace.
    Love and devotion.
    Bill, Ruth and family

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