Sara’s Device Turned On

Sara got her device turned on today! (May 9)

They started today by turning the device on and setting it with a low voltage (0.25 millivolts). They will continue to raise the voltage over the next year or so, up to a maximum of 3.0 millivolts.

We are grateful that Sara is not feeling some of the more painful and annoying side effects! It sounds like there is only a small tightening in her throat. This is good, as that means the doctors will be able to turn it up faster.

We are thankful that Sara seems to be adjusting well. We continue to pray that God would use this new therapy to heal Sara, and we ask that he would grant us patience as this will be a long process.

Thank you for your prayers!!!

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Sara’s Surgery… and Disneyland!

Sara had her surgery yesterday. The doctor was happy with the outcome and she was able to leave the hospital that night. We continue to ask for your prayers though. This is going to be a long process. They won’t turn on the device until she heals from the surgery. Then they will slowly up the voltage of the device over the next two years. This means that the surgery’s true effectiveness won’t be known for some time now. Please pray that Sara would heal from the surgery, and that this new therapy would be effective at controlling and even stopping her seizures.

On a lighter note, Sara’s kids, Seth and Hana, were able to enjoy a wonderful day at Disneyland yesterday. Several friends were able to come with us, and the day was made possible by our friend Dan Curtis (Thanks Dan!). This was Seth and Hana’s first ever trip to the Magic Kingdom. They have both been and continue to be such a wonderful blessing to this family!

Hana on DumboSeth on the Jungle Cruise
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The Scheduled Surgery

The DeviceThe surgery has been scheduled for April 24, 3 weeks away!!!! The surgeon was reassuring about the surgery being very minimally invasive, and Sara feels good about him preforming the surgery. Getting a date was harder than anticipated, and we are grateful that God granted it.

The LocationAdditionally, ALL the money needed has come in, with abundant surplus!!! Thank you sooo much to all who have made this burden so much lighter. It has been beautiful and amazing to watch God provide with such abundance even. The family of God is truly a precious thing–I treasure all of you, and thank you for being such a blessing to my family. I wish I had the exact numbers to report, but I don’t as they seem hard to pin down.

We continue to seek your prayers… That God would work through this surgery to help my sister…. Thank you!

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Doctor Visit

Sara and BuzzyWe are happy to report that Sara got to see the surgeon today!!! He was very reassuring about the surgery, and explained everything to their satisfaction. He also said that he saw no reason they couldn’t do the surgery in the next couple of weeks! Yay!!!!

Please pray that they would soon set a date “in pen!” And, please keep praying for the success of the surgery, and that God would be pleased to use this for her healing.

Praise God that this is going forward!!!

Stay tuned… we should know her surgery date within a few days! :)