Mark’s Testimony

Mark’s Testimony:

In 1994 I was diagnosed with ALS, which is also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. At present I’ve deteriorated into a quadriplegic. People diagnosed with ALS… 70% die in 2 years and 90% die in 5 years. It doesn’t respect age or physical conditioning. I was a police officer by profession, a work I loved… And blessed with the greatest partners ever. As of now there’s no cure or remedy for ALS. The physician’s journal suggests to… “Prepare the family for mourning”. The Good Lord has sustained me so awesomely as only He can do. He’s blessed me with a lovely and incredible wife for nearly 30 years, Joy provoking children, and the glimpse of the next generation–grandchildren. Please accept my sentiment I don’t like ALS but know also good has come from it. In the refiners fire some impurities are being burnt up. At the same time He’s drawing me closer to Himself, strengthening me inside, and preparing me to be with Him someday. One pastor advised me to “despise despair”… good advice. Family and friends have encouraged me in many many ways. Reminding me of God by His Word deeply affects me. There’s been fundraisers to keep us paying bills and the outpouring of kindness was simply described as vigorous and wild. You’d have to be here to see it to believe it! My family has been surrounded by love and kindness. I realize all of this has been sustained by an Awesome God. God uses people to do His work and many have been sent to love us. We are grateful for your kindness, love, and prayers! Until the end then let us commit to this………fight the fight, run the race, Keep the faith! Press on then………..Love ya, Mark