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  1. ;-) I love you so much, dad! I am so proud of you…you are such an example to me. I am so blessed that you are mi padre!

  2. Len Newcomb
    You have ALWAYS been an inspiration to me. I only wish I had one fraction of the faith you have. You’re an example of how God wants us to live and as long as I have known you you have always been His example.

  3. Hi Mark — It’s been a very long time. I read your story in today’s VC Star and had to drop you this note. I remember fondly all the times we had at the old OHS pool. Only the best wishes for you and your family.

  4. Hey Mark,

    Just stumbled across your web site after reading a little story on the Star web site. With all you and you family have had to endure, I can still see your faith working through your smile. God gives all of us many challenges in life all the time. The only way to make it through the challenges, is to have a strong faith and love for God. With God we can make it through all of lifes almost impossible challenges. Your story has touched my soul deeply. May God keep his hands on you and keep you safe and smiling. May God keep a watchful eye on all of you family at all times. Your strong faith will keep you living in eternity with God.
    God bless you and you family…

    In HIS Hands…You brother in Christ…

    p.s. Thank you for all you police work in Ventura and Oxnard area. I have live all my life here and without guys like you, it wouldnt be the same. Thanks again and God Bless

  5. Peter P. Smart
    Hi Mark and Family,
    I am a retired Law Enforcement Officer, former PHPD, OXPD, and Ventura DA Investigator. I never had the honor of meeting you personally but I feel like I know you. Len Newcom talked about you today; shortly thereafter, I read the article in the Star. My heart goes out to you Mark and to your family. I love your attitude, your personal strength, and your faith in God. You are an inspiration to all who have been fortunate enough to have known you.
    God Bless You Always, and all ways!

  6. Dear Mark,
    What a beautiful family you have! It is really a blessing that you have been able to spend so much time with them. To face the challenges you have had to endure, with such faith and good nature, you are truly an inspiration. My parents, Bill and Jackie Riggs, pass on their best wishes, as does my husband, Matt.
    You are in my prayers daily, Kim

  7. Dear Mark,

    What an inspiration you are to all of your friends and family. You have been a friend of ours for a long time. Working with you at the Port Hueneme and Oxnard Police Departments was such a pleasure and the departments are so proud of you. Your courage and faith is a positive lesson for us all.

    God Bless you and your family, Mark.

    Leslie and Steve

  8. Dear Mark,

    It’s been a very long time since we’ve had a conversation. Thanks to the fuzz’ that wuzz’ channel, we’re able to keep in touch and hear about former members of HPD & OPD. I admire 1st, your faith in God. Second, your personal strength in your dealing with this condition, and third, but certainly not last, the lasting friendships you have that pray with you and for you.

    I remember, still, those times we “backed up” each other during those days of the 70’s.

    God bless you and your family. You’re a pillar of strength and a great example for us all to learn from.


  9. I hadn’t heard from Mark in several months and it was good to see the article in the paper. That led to the link to the homepage and the pictures show him to be looking fantastic! I remember when we were both young enough to play softball and chase various people. I would really like to see him do that again.

    See you soon!

  10. Hi Mark and Sue,
    What a fabulous website! I actually recognized most of the people!! Your story is such an inspiration. I can still recall the hours of youth group singing, with you playing the bass. We were blessed to have that in our young lives. God Bless!

  11. Mark,

    I didn’t know….I didn’t know..

    In 1996, I had the pleasure of touching God’s face during my triple-by-pass. I saw things that no one would ever believe. The doctors said that I went
    10-7 three times during the operation.

    When I woke up, I remembered everything during the operation. It wasn’t a dream. Dreams are never this good.

    For some reason, God has let me stick around for a little while longer. Like you, we must be doing something right.

    I have seen your videos, heard what you have said and done. We have experience a couple of things togeher in the past at OPD. I’m not going to share them right now, as I want to remember what we did as cops, and talk to you in person.

    Guys like you and I are very fortunate. It’s not everybody that gets to touch the face of God and tell everyone that we’ve been there and back. Don’t stop whatever your doing, keep going like you are, love everyone you can and share what you have seen.

    See you soon..


  12. We shared your web-site with the girls at work. Sue , remember us from years past ? Lori=CCU Marsha =ICU What a great support system you all have and what a caring family. Mercy Adamos = CCU also says hello.Do you have a mailing address for Lori to send you some pictures ? Lori’s phone XXX-XXX-XXXX. Please take care and we’ll stay posted on your site.

  13. Hi Mark! You probably don’t remember me, but you and I went through Oxnard schools together, starting in Kindergarten! I still have our kindergarten picture. You and Russell Davis and I used to be the “Swing Kings!” I saw the article about you in the paper and wanted to write to share with you that you are on our church’s prayer list. I praise God for you and your message. You and your family have an awesome word to share. May you always feel His close, loving presence. In Him, Kathy

  14. Hey Mark!!!
    Yeah, it’s another one of those Allmen’s…

    Mom has been keeping me updated on you and your illness. She sent me the newspaper article – and I finnally have a way to say HI! I loved seeing the pictures of you and your family! My best memories of you are that big smile of yours! What a joy it was to see it when your web page opened!

    Congratulations on your 30th!!! we just celebrated our 30th last week.

    You and your family have been in our prayers for many years – your courage and spirit are an inspiration to us –

    Lots of love…

  15. Hi Mark, The other day (tuesday) you just popped in my head ! This is amazing ! So I googled you. Found that you have this beautiful family and have that huge smile of yours brightening everyones day. Now stop shaking your head at me. This is what you seem to do when we would have our conversations. (hhmmm) Maybe you could emphasize on that now that we have grown to be in our 50’s. (big smiles):) Think about you lots, love you, God IS good, and am sending white lights of the Holy Spirit to surround you and your family. Love you – Alice

  16. Anna Talley
    Hi Mark!
    I miss you guys, and just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you all. I hope you are all doing well.
    You’re never far from my thoughts, and prayers.
    Much love,

  17. Hey Mark, I’m at a church convention in Sacramento and ran into Jim Mackereth who told me about your website. I just wanted to say that you and your family are in our prayers and I’m greatly encouraged by your strong committment to the Lord and witness to the community. Blessings!!!!! Art Atrops

  18. Rick Riddering
    Hello, everyone! Mark and I are cousins. I just wanted you all to know, in case you haven’t heard, that Mark’s dad (my uncle) Lou passed away and was buried today (about the same time as this writing). He was a terrific Christian man and I loved him very much! He will be missed greatly by his family. The attached picture is (from left to right) my Uncle Lou, my Dad Rich, and my Uncle Harry (a.k.a. Junie). My grandma had three boys and here they all are in October 2000. I love this picture because I see a little bit of each of these great guys in me! May Uncle Lou rest in the peaceful arms of his savior, Jesus! To God be the glory, great things He has done!

  19. Lynn Mackereth
    Hi there,
    Just wanted you to know I visit your site often. It’s fun to read the new stories and see if there are any new pictures. hint hint :D

  20. Hi Mark,
    I know that I’ve only meet you once and very briefly, but I just wanted to let you know that you are always in my prayers!

  21. Hi Mark & Sue-

    I’ve been thinking about you guys for the longest time. Congrats on the 31st anniversary (Jerry & I celebrated #30 on August 13). Wish I could be closer to help out, miss everyone in California. Say “HI” to Connie for me.

  22. Dad I love you so much! I am so proud of you…God is using you in so many amazing ways. I only hope that I am half the person you are someday.

    I love you!

  23. I miss you people! I didn’t realize how much until I started looking at the pictures on here! We love you and really really miss you. We think about you lots….I realize because I stay in touch so well that you probably already knew that! Uncle Mark – I love you….You’re by far my favorite uncle! I miss you!
    Love you, Faith

  24. Jenny Mackereth
    HI Uncle Mark!
    I was looking at all that pictures and they are awesome!We have the BEST family EVER!
    I love you!


  25. I was a friend of Lynn’s back when we were young teenagers. We were both involved in the Lutheran youth ministries. I also knew Wayne a bit. Subsequently (and 30 years later) i was in pastoral ministry and now work in mission ministry traveling frequently to Africa. From an email connection back with Wayne, I found your website, and am humbled by the grace upon you, Mark. Genuine prayers and encouragement be on you! Sincerely, Steven Todd, Colorado Springs

  26. Hey Uncle Mark,
    How are ya? I can’t wait to see ya in June! (Assuming we can make it)
    I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know again how much you have/do mean to me! I was talking to my youth group about impacting people a while back and I just had to tell them about your life!
    God Bless you all!
    Love ya,

    What movies should we watch when we come out?? ;-)

  27. Hi Mark… This is a really neat webpage. I have really enjoyed getting to spend time with your kids. I am really excited about the wedding. Cant wait to chat again. Casey

  28. Mr. Riddering, I have not had the honor of meeting you but I do know some of your family. I work out at the Pit North and I know Becky and Luke. I just wanted to say what a great family you have and what a remarkable job you and your wife have done. It is inspiring how you and your whole family are so happy, loving, and faithful regardles of what happens in life. You all are a true lesson to everyone on how to be thankful for ones blessings.

  29. Mark,
    The website looks amazing. I can’t tell you how much the kind thoughts and prayers you send my dad’s way for me mean. You are such an inspiration to me.

  30. Mark the website is fantastic. I think of you often and we both know God is with you always. I read your pasage from the Psalms and I know your heart. God Bless you Mark, Roger

  31. Mark,
    I thoroughly enjoyed our times together as policemen. However it has been our conversations we’ve had over the past several years that have helped me to grow as a Christian man. You have been the best Christian witness as well as mentor I could have ever hoped for. God bless you. I’m still praying brother. Love you man.
    By the way, I love the website. Take care.
    John Donaldson

  32. Hi there Mark. I hope you remember me from the old days. I guess you heard of Fred Qualls passing. My wife (Vanna) and I have lived in a small community in Oregon now for about 15 years and love the green and wet weather. We read your message and it really brings back memories and thoughts of the good times many years ago. You are definitely a big part of the 27 years (+) of our extended family at Ventura P.D.
    May GOD bless you and yours.

  33. Don’t know if you remember, but the nick name I seem to have been given by John Leach (the Goose) was one that has followe me to Oregon. Even while riding the motors (both Harley an Kawaski) Leach caused me to look over my shoulder to see where he was as he had a gift of sneaking up behind me. Again, GOD bless you and yours. Robbie (Richard Robbins)

  34. Mark,

    I love the new website and the pix are great! You and your family are such a blessing to me. I am privileged to know you all.

    Take care, Sondra

  35. Hi, Mark you probally dont know who i am. Unless your Mrs. Brandon talks about her students. I’d just like to say that your a very cool person. Your stories and very cool, and have inspired me in my future career (hopefully a S.W.A.T officer). And I’d also like to tell you that I’ll be praying for you and your family. Once again thank you fort inspiring me.

    Sincerly, Titus

  36. HI Mark,
    What a great new look to the website. You continue to inspire me and to look at the things that are really important in this life.

  37. Hi Mark!
    God’s grace just keeps flowing over you! How great Thou art! You have a great family, but an even greater faith to keep you going. I envy that… oops, sinning again! I have told your story many times down here in baja, so your faith inspires internationally. Stay strong, and may God continue to bless you and your family.

  38. Mark,
    I havn’t told you lately how much you and your family mean to me. I love you all soooo much. You are an inspiration to me and your family is such an amazing blessing in my life!
    You are all in my prayers,

  39. Mark,
    I have known you through two people who love you with all thier hearts, my mom and dad, Paul & Isabel Di Maggio. You and your family have been in my prayers for quite some time. I am thrilled when my dad gets to visit with you. He loves so many brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, in Christ, but there is something more to his love for you. You are a wonderful friend to him, and a perfect example of faith in Jesus Christ for us all!

    God be with you and your family, and may you all continue to be the living testaments you are! You will certainly have a crown of many jewels!!!

    I’ll be praying for your daughter and her surgery, as well (and for that very special wife of yours, who is one of the most amazine women, from everything I’ve heard!).

  40. Mark,

    There are those people who come into our life for a brief moment and leave such an impression that it changes the way we lead our life. You are one of the biggest impressions on my life. I’d like to take this time to tell you about it because I don’t think you have any idea.

    I remember being 10 years old carpooling to school. You were driving all 6 of us kids that day in the van. Sami sat in the front seat and became sick as we drove from Ojai to Ventura. Without even thinking about it you put out your hand and let her throw up in it. You then proceeded to flip a U-turn on the highway (illegally by the way) and zoomed back home like you were on a hot pursuit. As we screeched to a halt in front of the house my mom came out and I told her how crazy the drive was (so not tattling on you) . She looked at you and said, “He’s a police officer. Its ok for them to drive like that.”

    As that little girl watching you and listening to your many stories about catching bad guys I decided I wanted that too. I wanted the adventure and to be the humble hero that you were in my eyes.

    I think about you often. Especially, in those times that I’d sit in my turret with a machine gun rolling down the streets of Iraq. Knowing I want to be that strong hero just like you always have been. My driver tried that U-turn move, but have to say it didn’t go as smooth as yours did. Kinda took out a power line.

    I’d always make sure and ask my parents how you are doing even though in an odd way I haven’t talked to you myself in over 13 years. When others ask why I joined the military and why I have become the person I am, faces flash through my mind and you are the first one that comes up.

    I love you and your family! You can definitely see God when you think of the Ridderings.

  41. Mark and Family,
    We have never met but are brothers and sisters in Christ. Your story is amazing and I have shared this website with several friends. I am a friend of John Donaldson and feel like I know you through listening to him tell funny and sometimes “crazy” stories about you guys. Saying that you are an inspiration is an understatement, just know that you are touching lives and are the true meaning of faith.
    God Bless you and your family,
    Michelle Ramsey

  42. Mark and family,

    It has been a long time since my team of “motors” stopped in to see you. We always look forward to hearing about you and the family. You ,Sara and the family are always in our prayers. Having recently had a heart attack, I know the value of prayer and faith in our LORD. Without that, I would never have made it. You are an inspiration to all of us, and thank you for that. We will keep you in our prayers and are looking forward to seeing you on Mar. 17th.
    “We love you man”

    Don & Leeann

  43. Hi uncle mark. I loved to see your website for the first time. I loved to see all of the christmas pictures. Now I know Christina’s reaction to Lukes proposal :) Hope all is well. I will try to come and visit as soon as I am able to. Love you

    Ryan M

  44. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers always. I know how scary brain surgery can be because I have had three of them. The best news is that the last one was in 1981. That was followed by Radiation and there has been no sign of it since. But God’s care is excellent and works very much. So keep you faith and Remember there is a good God and excellent doctors.

  45. Mark,

    What a great web site. I was having lunch in Oxnard and ran into Mike Van Atta and he told me about your web site and your daughters upcoming surgery. I want to let you know that everyone at our church will be praying for God’s mighty hand to bring healing to both of you. If there is anything I can do please let me know. We believe God still does the miraculous, “by His stripes we are healed…” Please write when you can as I would love to keep in touch as much as possible.

    In His Love,

    Pastor Jim

  46. Hey Mark and family,

    I absolutly love you website.Especially your favorite stories. Sometimes i even share some at school and all the kids think they are really cool. My family and i really miss all of you guys.

    Spencer Ganas

  47. You were and always will be an inspiration to all of us. You are always in my families prayers.
    God Bless,
    Melanie Boren

  48. Hey brother! I just want to say thanks again for having such a great influence on me. My life is completely dedicated to Christ now, and it wouldn’t be if God hadn’t used you, so I greatly appreciate all that you have done for me and for my family. God bless :)

  49. What a privilege it is to be a Riddering. I’m so proud of you Mark, especially how you have by God’s grace been able to faithfully follow Jesus and how you continue to influence others across the nation to do the same. Sometimes God shakes things in a family, His favorite families, to remove everything that hinders love, because He is a jealous God. What is left? Love. There is a purity in your family like never before. You are devoted; set apart for His glory. God is so pleased by you and your family. Ps. 27:4 says, “One thing I ask of the LORD, this is what I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the LORD and to seek him in his temple.” As you have gazed upon Him, He has made you beautiful too. Thanks for leading the way, Cousin Jeff

  50. Dear Mr. Riddering

    We all got home safely from the trip. And I’d like to say that it was a pleasure meeting you in person and your family. The stories you told were very meaning full, and I liked how every story shows the protection and providence of God. And the reason being a Christian is awesome is becuase you always know no matter what, that the thing that happened was becuase God wanted it to happen. Mr. Riddering, Thank you for telling me the stories and letting me into your house. And ill still be praying for you and your family.


  51. WOW! Inspiration in it’s purest form. God has certainly spoken to you and through you! Thank you Mark.
    Cousin Mike (Florida)

  52. Mark,
    I know we spoke a few months back and I was so glad to see your strength continues. I wanted to add a story to your website months ago, but figured I better wait until I retire. Stay strong and know our love and prayers are always with you.
    Jack, Renee and the girls.

  53. Dear Mr. Riddering,
    I’m one of Mrs. Brandon’s students. Your house was a lot of fun when we went there on our field trip. It is so cool to hear all you stories. You are a really cool person. It is nice to have heroes who have as much faith in the Lord as you do. I am thankful for your testimony.

    Lydia Gorrell

  54. Hi, Mark!
    I just wanted to let you know that I’m using your story in one of my teaching classes I’m taking this summer. I’m so thankful that your life is a living testimony to God’s grace and goodness and I’m blessed by you and your family!

  55. Dear Mark,

    I happened upon your website through Aaron’s Myspace page. I don’t know if you remember me. I am Dan and Jackie Bubis’ daughter, Amber. (From Colorado). I saw Wayne and Dede in May at graduation in Westcliffe. We reminisced on times gone by and camp fires and tuna conies. I remember fondly your police stories and love for God that radiated through your eyes. I just want you to know the impact you had on my young life then, and still have today. I am amazed at the strength you have and the drive to be used as God’s vessel no matter your situation.
    Thank you for being such a great man and impacting my life all those years ago.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.
    God Bless and Thank you.


  56. Hi Uncle Mark this is abe. Thank you for being sutch a good friend to me!! you are my hero along with JESUS. Just today i noticed the t you got ALS was the same yearthat I was born. but I know that you were a vary good man and that you always will be. Tomarow my family and I are going to six flags in Denver.So that will be fun. tell everyone there hi from Abe and CO. Always thinking about you. your nephew. Abe

  57. Greetings Sir,
    I was invited to meet you through this link by my wifes uncle Scott Schmeckpepper (hope that’s spelled right!) today. I hope it’s OK to have perused your page. I found your story full of hope. I am currently serving in northern Iraq with the 116th Military Police Company. As a Military Policeman I share that service with you, even as I serve differently in that capacity. Our mission here, and even back in 2003-2004 when the initial fighting was over, is to impart the ethics of policework. This proved then and continues to be a daunting task. The culture does not lend itself to non-corruption in the government or security forces. Still we try and we train and we advise along with the IPA’s (civilian Policemen from the US) to form a force that will uphold the law for the communities sake. My thoughts are with you and I’m pleased to make your acquaintance.

    PS How do you know Scott?

  58. Just want you to know that we’re praying for you, Mark, and your family. Anna told me today that there’s a health concern you have.

    We are deeply grateful to you and your family for your testimony in Christ and your love for Anna.

    Love from the Talley family

  59. Mark,

    We began our friendship and our Law Enforcement Careers over thirty years ago. Together we learned about life and how to be the best cops we could be. We have shared the best of times and raised our families. We made our share of mistakes (“Of the Heart”) but lived to tell the stories!As we reflect back on all those years and look at where we are now, I think we did pretty good partner! You taught me the importance of Faith, Family and Friends and for that I will always be greatful. Take care brother and remember who loves ya!


  60. Hi Mark,
    Just checking in to see how you and the family are. You are never far from my thoughts and prayers.
    Love, Terry

  61. Mark,
    I knew you, Wayne and Sue way back in the youth gathering/Kingdom Worker days. I have kept in touch with your buddy, Richard Koerner, and have been inspired by your glowing spirit and exceptionally strong witness. Richard always sings a little tune when he says your last name. You have been on my mind a great deal, lately, so I googled your name and found this site. What an exceptional man you are, surrounded by an equally exceptional family. Thank you for allowing your life to testify to others of our Lord`s love. I am humbled. I will continue to pray for you, your daughter and your family. Keep smiling. I recognize many of the names in your guestbook and very much enjoyed the “reunion”.
    God keep blessing you,

  62. Dearest Mark,
    You have been in our thoughts and prayers so much lately. Just want you to know how much you mean to us all. I have never in my life time meant anyone like you. I never heard you say an unkind word or make a negative remark. You are an inspiration to mankind. I know that our Father will say well done good and faithful servant. Faithful to the end of your walk here among us and beyond I’m sure. Your struggle here is over. Praise be to God that we know where you are and suffering is no longer able to touch you. Be in peace. I know you are. Blessings, My brother. Love always, even from here. Your sister in Christ Jesus.
    Ruth Franklin

  63. Sue and all of the Riddering family. I had the fun & privilage of knowing Mark, first in Academy Class 77-4 and then when he came to work at VPD. He always had a smile on his face and a laugh in his soul, which was always uplifting. Add to this, that he was a top-notch officer, one that sometimes was rare to find. He stood out as did his work. I’m saddened to learn of his passing, but know that he is no longer suffering the ravages of ALS. His strength and courage he displayed while dealing with the devastation of ALS during the last many years is a testament to the man he was. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time.

    Jackie (Rosin) Quintana

  64. A light may have burned out here on the ground, but a new star burns bright in the heavens. So the next time you look up at the night sky, wave to Mark, and he’ll know, we remember.

  65. Well Mark, your suffering has finally passed, for that I am happy. Thinking back to all the practical jokes we played, and your infectious laugh are in my heart and mind. Pretty much summed up by Sgt.Gary Moore when looking back and forth between you and I, saying “Why don’t I feel good about this?” We were just asking permission after the fact anyway….
    Miss the days, and you too, Mark. Walk with God.

  66. Sue and family,
    You are all an incrediby amazing family. We love you very much and we know that the Lord is going to continue to bless you all in so many ways. We will miss Mark tremendously, but his life and testimony of his faith in the Lord will live on for generations!!!

  67. To the Riddering family:

    I am always amazed about how strong in faith and courage each of you are. i Know that Mark played an essential part of this through his in leadership, guidance, and support. Mark was so proud of each of you. His dedication and commitment as a father, grandfather, and a husband can serve as an excellent example for all of us. Mark had his goal and priorities in proper place.

    Mark unselfishly dedicated his life to family, friends, and faith. He had a remarkable ability to reach out to certain people at just the right time. His natural instincts and sense of timing were quite impressive. He was a great listener, and one who truly cared about people. He was not at all hesitant to express his true and sincere feelings, emotions, or deep trust in God, but he was never pushy or aggressive.

    We have all been so blessed to have shared our lives with Mark, as he served as a mentor, friend, and loved one. He routinely touched the hearts and souls of so many people he came in contact. I recall attending a very large fund-raising event for Mark in Santa Maria several years ago. Watching the hundreds of people vying for position to get to Mark was like watching a crowd get to a professional athlete, actor, or more precisely, an ANGEL on Earth.

    I know that Mark is with Chad in Heaven.

    Mark will always be a legend. Thank you for sharing him with so many of us. God bless.

  68. I am sorry to hear of the passing “Becky’s Dad”, Mark. I pray for your whole family and want you to know how grateful I am that my son, Steve, got to know such an exceptional man. Steve is truly blessed to be in the company of your loving family. Sending you loving thoughts from east coast to west, sincerely, Karen

  69. Sue and family,

    Irma and I are saddened for your loss. The world was a better place with Mark in it. I am a better person for knowing him and was honored to both know and work with him and meeting you. He will be missed. Our prayers to you.

    Bob and Irma.

  70. To the Riddering Family,
    I didn’t know Mark as well as many of the other VPD members, but I still remember him well. I started at VPD in 1983 while Mark was still there. I remember him as being one heck of a street cop. The one thing that I’ll remember most is how friendly and humble he was. He always seemed happy and in a good mood and that tended to rub off on those of use who may not have been in such a great mood at the time. The world is minus one very nice guy.

  71. So sorry to hear of the loss of Mark. I grew up across the street from the Ridderings on “H” St. in Oxnard. Lynn and I were friends. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Merilee Melton-Lewis

  72. Words cannot describe my thoughts and feelings upon hearing of Mark’s passing. I worked with Mark for 8 years in Santa Maria and his influence on me is evident to this day.In the 20 years of being a cop I never met a man that was so dedicated to making a difference in the lives of so many people and his belief in God was unwavering. I was going through some difficult times in Santa Maria and Mark left a letter on my doorstop one night, and it was such an honest and inspirational letter, I have that letter to this day. Mark and I shared a lot of stories and made a lot of arrest’s together and he would show so much compassion, the narcotics offender would thank him for taking him to jail. Mark was so passionate about the DARE program when I was his Sergeant, he convinced me to write up proposal and it was accepted by Council. THe DARE program is a testimant to Marks’ dedication. I consider myself a born-again Christian and in my opinion Mark was a messenger from God!! Mark is now with our Father and I can only wait to join him in Heaven and rejoice. I love you my brother..Scott

  73. To the entire Riddering Clan,

    I only just learned of Mark’s passing today. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. I am sincerely grateful that Mark’s suffering has come to an end, but what an incredible example he has provided for all of us. He has certainly set the bar for the rest of us to follow. I met Mark when I was eighteen years old as a cadet for VPD. He was shuttling me back to the old station from city garage. We were stopped at the intersection of the Avenue & Main when a car passed from our right to left and Mark said “They’re on the nod.” Next thing I know, he’s making a traffic stop, balancing all three occupants out and arresting them for U/I heroin. He also got dope out of the car and a gun. I’m standing there, a naive 18-yr-old kid, thinking this doesn’t happen in Ventura, little did I know. I was fortunate to become a police officer during Mark’s time at VPD and he took me under his wing and taught me how to work dope and talk to the offenders like people. I am grateful for his knowledge, experience and friendship. I do not grieve for Mark as he’s finally pain free and with God. I grieve for those of us who are left behind and must manage without him until we meet again.

  74. Wow Im looking back at your guest book and reading the people you have touched even that never knew you…my Cousin through Scott Schmeckpeper, SFC Michael Dom Barnes in Iraq 2007 at the time. How crazy is that? He asked how you knew Scott – well from my life growing up with you knowing you were the best of friends from high school. Not just friends but you opened up your house to our family to live with you just before we left for the missions field. You touched our family. You were a focal point in the growth of Scott’s 3 daughters and another strong man for us to look up to. THANK YOU! I was very sad today to hear from my mother Darlene that you died.

    You are the humble warrior that showed me a great life lesson on caring for others and making a difference in the lives of those who needed a caring chance. Your funeral is today and it brings me even more sadness that I now live in WA and won’t be there to hug your children Sara, Becky, Samantha, and Luke and your wife Sue.

    I love you all.

    Thank you for being that great man in this world to influence others.

    You will be missed greatly.


  75. I attended the services for Mark and arrived about an hour before the services were to start. When I arrived, I saw the number of people who had also arrived early. This was not surprising since I knew what kind of person Mark was.
    Before the services started, I was standing inside the church and saw all of the people who had come to celebrate Mark’s life. It just showed how many lives Mark has touched in a positive way.
    When I worked with Mark, I saw his dedication and excitement for the job. Mark had the ability to brighten up a room if people were having a bad day. His smile and laughs were always appreciated by the people who were around him. They will be truly missed.
    I have known Mark since high school and he was the same then. He was always fun to be with and that will truly be missed.
    My condolences to the family, but rest assured we know Mark is resting in peace. His smile is now shining down upon us all.


  76. Dear Sue and family, We rejoice with you that Mark is with his Lord. We pray for you as you adjust to this huge lose. We have appreciated all the news from this web site. Thank you for sharing your family with us. What a tremendous example and encouragement Mark has been to us, and a community and so many.
    We love you Sue and family,
    Clarey and Debby, Tammy, Heather and Tiffany

  77. Sorry, accidentally sent that too soon.
    I was surprised and happy at what a wonderful yet challenging life you have all had.
    Mark was an amazing man, he is in good company with Joseph, David, Daniel, and Jesus.
    I remember him when he changed tires at Sears, how he teased and wrestled Wayne and took big brother care of Lynn. He also helped me in my darkest hour. I will tell my wife and my two son’s about him tonight when they come home from school. I married later in life and it has been great, I wish you could meet my wife, Nico, Solomon is 15, Isaac’s 12.
    When you speak to Wayne, Lynn, or any family, please tell them I am fine and in the Lord and wish them well,
    God bless you in this season, Sue
    Mike Smith

  78. Dear Family,
    We have loved Mark and your family for years and watched you all be incredible testimonies of love, courage, faith, and honor. We deeply regret not being able to attend services for Mark but we were out of the country. Our love and prayers go to you all as you grieve your loss and now also of you awesome mother, Sue. Though we don’t know the details, we do know that she is with Mark now totally healed and totally loved by Jesus.

  79. I don’t even have the words to say to you. I worked with your dad at SMPD. I as in the Records Bureau. I loved you dad and all his wisdom. I just found out about your mother tonight. I now work at Lompoc PD. I can’t tell you how I felt. My family has had very rough year also and I just don’t know what to say, except I am sorry. I hope someday we can make sense of it all. My thoughts have been with you all night and I just hope and pray that you will all find the strenght to get through this.

  80. Mark,
    To Mark’s family, praying all the Lord’s best for you. Mark is still an inspiration to us all who had the blessing of knowing him.

    All The Lord’s Blessings To You,
    Mark Trimble (Cmdr./ SPPD (Ret.)

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