SMPOA Fundrasing

SMPOA Fundrasing
By Greg Carroll.

When Mark was diagnosed with ALS and as the disease progressed I was president of the Santa Maria Police Officers Association (SMPOA). In discussions with Mark it became apparent we would need to do some fundraising in order to cover expenses for modifications to Marks home. During the first fundraiser I received a call from a gentleman in Florida. Now I’m not saying I’m slow or anything, but my first thought was WOW our efforts have made it all the way to Florida! I’m not saying I’m dense but when this gentleman identified himself as Wayne Husinga it meant nothing to me. Mr. Husinga inquired about the fundraiser and I let him know that he was talking directly to the President of the SMPOA! During my discussion with Mr. Husinga he asked me how much money had been raised thus far. I told him the amount and he said, “I’ll match that”. Well I thought that was great and I now knew whoever this Mr. Husinga was he was sure well to do and a heck of a nice guy.

A few weeks went by and the big check never showed. I started to think that someone was pulling my chain but Mr. Husinga had left a number. I called and after speaking to a personal secretary I was connected to Mr. Husinga. The very polite Mr. Husinga told me the check would be there in a couple of days but if it didn’t show up to call him and he would take care of it. The check showed up as promised.

A little while later I was talking to Mark and asked him if he knew a Wayne Husinga. Mark told me yes that he was the owner of the Miami Dolphins and previous owner of the Florida Marlins along with other large business ventures. Mark also said Mr. Husinga was a distant relative of his.

Boy did I feel dumb! I also missed my chance at scoring some really good tickets!

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