How Do You Do That?

How Do You Do That?
By John Donaldson.

I was a brand new police officer at Ventura P.D. I was making my large impact on the world by arresting drunk drivers and people with warrants. I would sit in briefings every day and hear how this guy name “Riddering” (and another person who will remain anonymous because I don’t yet have a letter) was making all these arrests for under the influence, possession etc. I started thinking that they were making a lot more quality arrests than I was so I went to this “Riddering” guy and asked him to teach me how to do it. His response? He blew me off after making a comment like “yeah sure”.

After driving him crazy for quite a while and worming my way onto the shift he was working he eventually figured out that if he would teach me just a fraction of what he knew maybe I would go away. Over the years I had the most fun I ever had as a policeman working with Mark. We made a lot of great arrests, fought a lot of people (hence the name “trashman”) and left our mark on the “avenue”.

Mark later told me a lot of policeman used to come to him and ask him to teach them but few were as persistent as I was. That’s why he originally blew me off. Mark taught me how to be a fairly good policeman from 1982 to 1989. From 1996 to now he is trying to teach me how to be a good Christian man and leader. I just won’t go away. Mark is the best policeman I know and more importantly one of the best Christian men I know. Thanks Mark.

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