Future Cop Who Stole My Car

Future Cop Who Stole My Car
By Art Atrops.

This is another bit of ancient history that I thought Mark’s family should know about the man who would become a cop. I had this absolute piece of junk Sunbeam Alpine in the late ’60s that was my 1st car purchase. It had a lot of Bondo holding it together which fell out in chunks when you hit a really big bump. When the new St. John’s on C Street was being built I was working for the organ company that was installing the pipe organ. One day I came out of the church to take off in my car and it was not there. I was panicked to think someone had actually stolen the very 1st car I had ever owned! As I began to search the grounds in desperation, around the corner appears smilin’ Mark and his cohorts (I think Scott Euken?) and it became apparent to me that they might have been the evildoers. I finally found my car which they had pushed away and hidden behind the school building. They say that the male species shows affection for each other by harassing them a bit—so after I got over the initial anger, I felt loved.

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