Donny Donut

Donny Donut
By Mark Riddering.

In each area where a good cop works, there is always a place to find a good cup of “Joe” and a type of donut. In Ventura the cinnamon rolls were as big as steering wheels. The great thing about working the graveyard shift is the donuts are made fresh during the early morning hours. Donut shop owners loved cops to hang out to keep the odd rift-raft out late at night to early morning.

During one such night shift the place to be was Sunshine Donuts. The shops owner was Donny Donut, a happy donut maker for sure. Every morning around 3am we’d meet as the Knights of the Round Table (to enjoy the freshly baked cinnamon rolls and Joe of course!). Donny Donut forgot to charge us frequently – he was so excited about seeing us enjoying his rolls. More than one officer asked Donny Donut to be in their weddings.

During our time on this shift a friend got promoted and became our supervisor. Sergeant John Ema was a very nice guy but like many new bosses was nervous in his new roll. He firmly cautioned us about accepting donuts without paying full price. Well, we all meant well, but at 3am we all were there. Donny Donut dished out the rolls with his usual vigor. Right in the middle of the festivities Sgt. Ema swung open the door like an old fashion saloon aghast at our conduct and apparent disregard for his orders. As we struggled to explain, Donny interrupted saying, “Sgt. they aren’t eating any cinnamon rolls that I can sell.” Donny went on to explain that we were eating rejects. Sgt. Ema then inquired as to what a reject was. Donny pulled a fresh roll from the rack and stuck his finger in it as he handed it to Sgt. Ema saying, “That one’s a reject… Enjoy Sgt!”

Ahhhhhhhh, another rule that made sweet sense.

6 thoughts on “Donny Donut”

  1. Big Mark…my favorite foods: donuts, In-N-Out (both half price!!!!!!!)…………..and a protein shake! Godspeed amigo

  2. After eating raw Squid heads a Finger Hole Cinnamon Roll coming from the renown Santa Maria donut king can’t be all that bad. Besides the price is right.

    Love you Mark..

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