City of Mrs. Riddering

Hi Sami. It’s John Crombach, and I have worked with your Dad since the beginning. We were reserve officers together and went from Hueneme, VPD, Oxnard together. When he and the family took off to Santa Maria I couldn’t follow him.

There are so many stories about experiences that your Dad and I had over the years. He was such a sincere and honest guy he could get bad guys to cop out to anything that they ever did. There is one story that I remember like it was yesterday. Your Dad was the President and I was the Vice President of the peace officers association. We went in to talk to Chief Anderson one day about staffing and the fact that we believed that we needed more officers on the street. Naturally the Chief was giving us a bunch of double talk about why that was not going to happen. Your Dad looked at the chief and said, “well chief….there are a lot of wives out there who are going to sue you if anything happens to their husband as a result of inadequate staffing. I can tell you that if anything happens to me that this will be the City of Mrs. Riddering.” About that time the Chief just about came out of his chair and splattered himself on the ceiling. Your Dad just sat back with his blushed ruddy complexion and grinned from ear to ear. You had to be there to see the reaction and you would have to know the personalities to really appreciate the story, but it is the funniest thing I think that I ever saw. Your Dad sat stone faced and told the chief that your Mom was going to own the city if anything happened to him.

Your Dad is a wonderful human being and I am honored to have known him and being able to call him my friend. I love him and I will miss him very much. He messaged me today and said that things are getting tough but that the good Lord was near by. I can only hope that I will be half the man that your Dad is.

John Crombac

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  1. I love that story Mark, being blunt was always one of your strong points. God loves you Mark and so do I. Roger

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