Butt-Kicking Boy Scouts

Butt-Kicking Boy Scouts
By Art Atrops.

One story about Mark I recall was when Mark, Wayne and I were in the church’s Boy Scout troop–good ol’ Troop 210. It was kinda like F Troop on TV years ago. We were all at big camp out with troops from all over several counties. One day they announced that they were going to play something similar to king of the mountain in the pool. All the scouts would pair up and one guy would be on the other’s shoulders battling to bring down all the other combatants. Well, guess who was sitting on my shoulders–Mark–and neither one of us was exactly small for our age!! Needless to say our troop cleaned up that day as I watched many a kid with terror in their eyes as Mark yanked them off shoulders or out of the water.

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