Batter Up!

Batter Up!
By Mark Riddering

While work is very important, so is a bit of rest and recreation. A good friend, Rob Briner, arranged annually good tickets for Dodger games. It was a special outing to take the family to watch major league games. On one occasion we were arriving to our seats after obtaining the traditional Dodger dogs and sodas etc. I had two large cokes in my hands when a foul ball was hit and was on a be-line straight for me. I didn’t have time to put down the large drinks so I dropped one just as the ball buried itself in my hand. An elderly woman standing nearby assured me I made the right choice even though the Coke sprayed all around. On another visit to the ball field we found ourselves in the middle of the Rodney King riots. Allot of good memories.

One day my dear partner, Pat Miller, and I went to the police Olympics in San Diego. We went to the indoor volleyball venue where Pat had friends playing from the LA Sheriff. They played extremely aggressively. They were all large intense men. After a game ended I asked why these men played volleyball. They told me they started out with football but were told not to play as they caused too many injures. They went to playing baseball but one night a drunken heckler started throwing bottles at the outfielder. A fight ensued and the drunken man got a heart attack and died. So the Sheriff banished this group to volleyball.

Well after watching volleyball we went to watch our departments’ softball games. When we got there they were playing a championship game. They’d lost a couple of players to injuries. As things would go they were down 1 run with 2 outs in the last inning. Another player was injured. They asked me to put on a jersey and play the last inning. They put me up to bat and by luck I hit a double. I was so excited. Being a relatively slow runner I dug in to spring into action. Unfortunately I didn’t know all the rules. When the ball was pitched I took off…….the umpire called me out—I didn’t know you couldn’t leave before the ball was hit. To make matters worse the batter at the plate had hit a home run. I’d lost the game and my team threw balls and stuff at me to vent their displeasure. There was no happiness in Muudville. Ahhhhhh rest and relaxation…….work seemed safer. .


2 thoughts on “Batter Up!”

  1. I was waiting to see what the Sheriff’s volleyball team did to their opponents playing volleyball. I remember our son Frank had a lighting serves and you really had to be ready for it..You sound good and it is good to hear about the begining stages for Sara, we are praying hard for all of you out there..send some ocean breezes out our way and we will send you some corn plantings… (almost a fair exchange)

    Happy Mother’s day Sue..

    Pastor Paul

  2. HI Mark & Sue,
    Thanks for letting me know about Sara. I’m keeping her in
    my prayers. Nice picture.Thanks for the article too.
    Love, Mom

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