A Fire on Bay Blvd.

A Fire on Bay Blvd.
By Len Newcomb.

I don’t know if you recall this Mark but one night, many years ago I was working the morning shift, beat 7 and you were working at PHPD. A call came out of a fire in an apartment on Bay Blvd. It was on the second floor. You and I arrived before the fire department and ran to the apartment. (Yes, I could run at one time). We went to the apartment and forced the door open. Smoke billowed out from inside and it was hard to see if anyone was inside the apartment. You and I were on our hands and knees and you looked at me and said, “I’m going in to see if anyone’s inside.” You went in first and I followed. A short time later you tapped me on the head and told me to turn around. When we got back outside you told me that there was a lady in the chair but she was already dead. I recall talking to Lt. Hopkins later about recommending you for a medal. John said, “Len, Mark has already won every medal there is.”

Someday someone should name a medal after you. It should be a Mark Riddering Medal and awarded to the greatest, bravest and most deserving cops because that’s what you were and will always be.

Imagine JJ, a Christian doing defense work. What’s this world coming to?

Love you Mark, you’re my hero.

Len Newcomb.

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