A Family Story

A Family Story
By Lynn Mackereth.

Ok, I’m not a policeman, just Mark’s kid sister. Actually we are just a year apart. I thought it might be interesting for those reading that Mark was always meant to be a policeman, even at an early age. He always wanted to protect the little guys around him that he thought might not be capable of protecting themselves. Anyway, as his kid sister, (and a scaredy cat at that) he was always my protector. At a young age he was known to tie a string around my wrist and around his at night. Then if I was ever scared I could just tug on that string and he would come to my rescue. He also confronted my first bully who tormented me whenever I would walk by her house. She chased me home one day and was going to beat me up, but Mark was there and gave her a little push and told her to “pick on someone her own size.” I will never forget that day. He was my hero then and he continues to be my hero to this day. I love you Mark!

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