Good Morning, family and friends, Mark has a pretty entrenched pneumonia. He has been on antibiotics for several days, but they don’t seem to be effective. He has been growing more weak, and is now incredibly weak. We are keeping him comfortable, and all of the family are taking turns sitting with him, so he is not alone. He is only a little responsive, we keep reading scripture and talking to him, his answers are usually just one or two words. Later today we are going to have a Thanksgiving picnic in the bedroom. We have soo much to be thankful for! He has all of his family around him, he has had the support of countless extended family and friends, But most af all he has known the love and grace of God, He is surrounded by the faithfulness of God,and is completely confident that his sins are all forgiven, and that he is on his way to heaven. We love you all, Sue.
kevin will post updates on the website

As I was working on sending out this e-mail, Mark did finish his journey into heaven! His passing was very quiet, very comfortable. Kevin was sitting with him reading scripture, and I was also in the bedroom. At this time we are tentatively setting services up for Mon or Tues, we won’t know until tomorrow. Keep your eye on the website. Thank you again for your love and support! Sue

6 thoughts on “Mark”

  1. My prayers are with your family. Mark, you fought an encredible fight. God bless you! We can all feel a comfort knowing that you are one of the guardians looking over us now.

    Semper Vigilo

  2. I had the privilege of working with Mark at Ventura PD in the early ’80’s.

    Mark is and was an EXCEPTIONAL person. I can remember his soft-spoken voice and his tremendous love for his family. He was so proud of his kids.

    I never heard Mark say an unkind work about anyone – even the people he met in all situations while on patrol. He approached his job with complete joy and passion.

    Mark, you are remarkable. Thank you for touching so many lives.

  3. I just learned of Mark’s passing, what a loss to us who remain, but what a joy he has been in our lives… and what a joy his memories will remain. I will never forget Mark’s words and his wise counsel, and will carry them with me always.

    To his family, you enjoyed one of the best men God created, and what a role model for you and for others. May God Bless you and give you peace… Mark walked with God and he surely is in the Father’s arms.

    We will miss you Mark

  4. hey cousin mark,

    i don’t know if we met but jeff Riddering your cousin is my dad. I know that you might never recieve this message i just want to say that i love you and can’t wait to see you with the lord

    ~your second cousin

  5. when cousin mark died on thanks giving my mom and possibly my dad cryed even though no one saw it on the outside i was weeping for my friend and cousin on the inside. my dad used to tell me stories of cousin mark and how he was the greatest police officer that there was. my heart greives for cousin mark.

    ~ Olivia

    P.S. sorry about the righting you know how some are miss spelled well i’m only 10

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