Update on Mark

Mark and BenThis update has been a long time in coming! Things are going pretty good at the Riddering house, all things considered! Many of you may have heard that Mark was diagnosed with cancer late last year. While this is true, the doctors at this time do not think that the cancer will have much affect on him. It looks like either all of the cancer has been removed, or any remaining cancer will move slowly enough that it will be a mute point in the end. For the time being, he is somewhat stable (as he gets), and says he’s feeling pretty much the same as he always has. We are hopeful that he will get to see the birth of his two upcoming grandchildren (Kevin and Sami’s in June, and Luke and Christina’s in late August/early September)!!

Their Christmas card recently stated, “Mark says that even though his body is looking weak if you could evaluate the health and well-being of his soul, he would look wonderfully healthy.” Through God’s grace, Mark continues to live joyfully and be an encouragement to all around him.

2 thoughts on “Update on Mark”

  1. Long time no contact but not out of mind or prayers bro.
    Are there grandkids yet? My count is up to nine. God is SOSOSOSOSOSOSOOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSO Good. We’re getting ready to start another year at Citrus High here in Porterville.
    remember (where John Smith ended up for a few months)
    Students arrive next week and I’ll be ready. I’ve picked up a couple of ROP classes teaching Public Safety in the afternoons and 2 nights a week. It’s a kick co teaching with firemen…. they’re so weird! Take care brother.
    Don Oxnard PD 71-91

  2. Mark,

    Great to hear about the birth of Christina and Luke’s beautiful son, Mark Thomas Riddering! Congratulations, Mark and Sue on addint to your grandparents resume.

    Yours in Christ,


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