Update on Mark

Mark and BenThis update has been a long time in coming! Things are going pretty good at the Riddering house, all things considered! Many of you may have heard that Mark was diagnosed with cancer late last year. While this is true, the doctors at this time do not think that the cancer will have much affect on him. It looks like either all of the cancer has been removed, or any remaining cancer will move slowly enough that it will be a mute point in the end. For the time being, he is somewhat stable (as he gets), and says he’s feeling pretty much the same as he always has. We are hopeful that he will get to see the birth of his two upcoming grandchildren (Kevin and Sami’s in June, and Luke and Christina’s in late August/early September)!!

Their Christmas card recently stated, “Mark says that even though his body is looking weak if you could evaluate the health and well-being of his soul, he would look wonderfully healthy.” Through God’s grace, Mark continues to live joyfully and be an encouragement to all around him.

January 08 Update on Sara

Finally an update on Sara!

The Brighams at Kati’s WeddingWell, the end of last year brought some good things and hard things for Sara. She found out that her device was malfunctioning, and had to have a surgery in October to have it replaced. Thankfully, the company took full financial responsibility for the device and all related hospital and doctor costs. That was quite a blessing, but she still had to go through the inconvenience of another surgery and a small setback with the device. Since October, by my observation, she is doing very well. The progress seems painfully slow at times, but if you step back and consider how she was feeling/how many seizures she was having from now to last May, the change is dramatic and quite impressive. For example, she went through our cousin’s wedding last Saturday without any seizures, and none the next day either! Normally busy days like that bring about a couple bad days of seizures. She is still having seizures, but definitely not as many as she did!

She is still having the device turned up gradually, and has quite a way to go to reach the maximum potential of the device (good news, really, as that keeps us hopeful for more improvement). She still is on a lot of medications, and it seems that the doctors are waiting for her to stabilize prior to bringing her down from them.

So in all, things are going well, and we continue to thank God for His gracious care of my sister! Please keep praying that they will be able to bring the seizures under control and that she would be able to start coming off the medications. Thank you!