Another Update on Sara

Hello Everybody!!!

Sara’s Birthday!I just wanted to update you on how Sara’s been. (By the way, yesterday – July 22nd – was her birthday… Happy Birthday Sara!) Sara returned to the doctor to have her device turned up again on July 12. They now have it set on .75 millivolts every 3 minutes. Sadly, she did have a grand mal seizure on July 14, BUT it had been 2 whole months since her previous one!!! Going from several a week to one in 2 months is an amazing, miraculous improvement which we are extremely grateful to God for!!! She does feel better day-to-day, and has been able to do more. She is even allowed to stay home alone sometimes, which she was looking forward to (of course she loves all the time she gets to spend with people, but I think she enjoys being able to do her laundry and dishes as well!).

Hana and Seth on the Slip-n-Slide!The magnet is helpful as well. Even Seth and little Hana have learned to use the magnet on her with good success. This is a blessing, as it pulls her out of a seizure when she’s already started one. The doctor says that only 20% of patients respond to it at all, so it’s wonderful that it helps her!

Thank you for all of your continued prayers and help!!! Sara, and our whole family, appreciate it so much!!! God has been very good to us!!!

p.s. Sara is attempting to put together a thank-you card list. While we think that it is pretty extensive, we wouldn’t want to leave anyone off. Please let us know if you don’t get a card in the next month or so.