Christina and Luke’s Wedding!

Luke and Christina got married!!!

Happy LukeMark’s son Luke got married to Christina Martin on June 9. It was a beautiful wedding, held at the Riddering’s home. Sue worked hard to see that thousands of beautiful wildflowers bloomed just in time, and the rest of the back yard looked spectacular as well. They were married by our pastor and Christina’s brother, Josh Martin. Luke swept Christina up for the recessional to “Eye of the Tiger” (Rocky theme song). The Happy Married CoupleCheck out a few pictures in our photos section! We were helped all along the way by amazing family and friends… without whom it would have been impossible. Once again, we felt incredibly blessed to have the aid of so many wonderful people! Thank you to all of you who helped–you made it a perfect day! Check out the Photos section to see more pictures!

In other news, Sara visited the doctor again (on June 12). She got the frequency of her device turned up this time. So, now she receives 0.5 millivolts every 5 minutes (it was every 15 minutes before). She also got the go-ahead to start reducing one of the bad meds. It will be an adjustment as I hear it can be hard to come off of them. But, she seems to be adjusting well so far, with just normal tiredness. We keep praying that God will sustain her and are sooo happy about the dramatic improvement!!! She still has not had a grand mal seizure since the device was turned on–amazing! Praise and thanks to God for using this device.