Sara’s Device Turned Up

Ben and Sara BrighamLast week, Sara went back to the doctor, and he turned up the voltage on her device. He was very impressed with her quick adjustment to the therapy and pleased with the apparent improvement of her seizures. Sara has not had a grand mal seizure since the day of her surgery–Praise God!!! This is very good, and a surprise as we have been continually cautioned against getting our hopes up for fast results. But our hopes are in God, the Great Healer… and He does as He choses! Let’s continue to pray that He will continue to bless the use of this device! And praise Him for what He has done! :)

U.S. FlagSara is very happy and looks forward to her next adjustment, after which the doctor said she will be able to start decreasing her medications!!! This will be an exciting step. I (Sami) got to see her using her magnet last weekend and was impressed with how quickly it pulled her out of an absence seizure. Within seconds she was continuing the same conversation, with little affect from the seizure.

Thank you for all your love, prayers and constant support!

PS. Happy Memorial Day!!!!!

Sara’s Device Turned On

Sara got her device turned on today! (May 9)

They started today by turning the device on and setting it with a low voltage (0.25 millivolts). They will continue to raise the voltage over the next year or so, up to a maximum of 3.0 millivolts.

We are grateful that Sara is not feeling some of the more painful and annoying side effects! It sounds like there is only a small tightening in her throat. This is good, as that means the doctors will be able to turn it up faster.

We are thankful that Sara seems to be adjusting well. We continue to pray that God would use this new therapy to heal Sara, and we ask that he would grant us patience as this will be a long process.

Thank you for your prayers!!!

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