Sara’s Surgery… and Disneyland!

Sara had her surgery yesterday. The doctor was happy with the outcome and she was able to leave the hospital that night. We continue to ask for your prayers though. This is going to be a long process. They won’t turn on the device until she heals from the surgery. Then they will slowly up the voltage of the device over the next two years. This means that the surgery’s true effectiveness won’t be known for some time now. Please pray that Sara would heal from the surgery, and that this new therapy would be effective at controlling and even stopping her seizures.

On a lighter note, Sara’s kids, Seth and Hana, were able to enjoy a wonderful day at Disneyland yesterday. Several friends were able to come with us, and the day was made possible by our friend Dan Curtis (Thanks Dan!). This was Seth and Hana’s first ever trip to the Magic Kingdom. They have both been and continue to be such a wonderful blessing to this family!

Hana on DumboSeth on the Jungle Cruise
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4 thoughts on “Sara’s Surgery… and Disneyland!”

  1. Praise God! Oh I have been checking for updates and praying all has gone well! We will pray for a quick healing from her surgery and quick response to the implant!!!

    Yeah God for being so gracious and providing so abundantly for His people!

    We love you all!

  2. I thank you for keeping us updated on Sara’s surgery and for the chance to add our blessings and prayers to the rest. I pray for fast healing and that this is the perfect answer. what a lovely use of this strange machine! God bless and perfect peace, Susie

  3. Mark –

    I’ve seen the results of the operation, and have to report that it wasn’t entirely successful: Sara is still blonde. I’m sorry to be the herald for bad news, but facts is facts!

  4. Dear Brother:

    We have been praying for Sara, and are so greatful to our Lord that the operation has been successful. We will continue to pray for the process of bringing the device to full use and effectiveness, and for God’s richest blessings on Sara and Ben and your entire family.

    We miss you all.

    Yours In Christ,

    B & B

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